MSM Lavender Skin Lotion


Item Number: MSMM760


32 oz. pump bottle. Alluring aroma of lavender made with unprecedented levels of natural butters featuring a blend of Aloe, Shea, and Illipe as well as herbs and oils known to protect and restore skin moisture. Green Tea helps weathered skin caused from the sun, free-radicals and lack of moisture. Natural-based lotion makes your skin feel like silk!

Ingredients: purified water, MSM, glycerine (kosher vegetable made from palm oil), oleic & stearic acids (fatty acids derived from palm oil), propylene glycol monostearate (compound of palmoil fatty acids), aloe vera concentrate (skin softener), allantoin (nitogen-containing organic compounds found in plants), fragrance, paraben (only 1/3 of 1% total). contains no petroleum based products.


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