COL-LAX 8 oz.


Item Number: BOWC548


Many of the herbs in COL-LAX have traditionally been used for constipation, colitis, hemorrhoids, inflamed intestines, excess gas and ulcers. This all-natural fibrous combination cleanses the colon walls gently and thoroughly. Its high stool bulking and drawing ability helps cleanse old, unwanted fecal matter and mucous right out of the body. Sodium Free COL-LAX produces a soft, lubricating bulk which promotes natural elimination.
8 oz. Contains herbs and concentrated extracts from the following: psyllium seed husk, banana fruit, apple pectin, flax seed, jaguar gum, prune fruit, slippery elm bark, fructose, cassia augustiflolia, bromelain, fennel seed, bentonite berry, ginger root, papain, cornsilk, rosehips, acerola cherry fruit, barley grass, black currant berry, juniper berry, lactobacillus, acidophilus, licorice root, passion flower, uva ursi leaf, vanilla pod and banana fruit flavoring, stevia leaf.
Use a dry spoon to place COL-LAX in a dry glass. Add juice or water, stir vigorously, drink immediately.


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