Naturopathic Handbook


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Explains the important differences between synthetic medicines and whole plant extracts on the human physiology. Provides a detailed botanical dispensatory guide listing beneficial plant compounds, therapeutic actions, indications, dosages, and contraindications. This section is intended for the professional use of botanical formulas. Provides a clinical botanical repertory divided into the major systems of the body. Physiological imbalances are listed within each system with proper botanical treatments. Contains a naturopathic guide to the internal cleansing of the metabolism, digestion, and elimination processes. Contains botanical protocols for gynecological, immediate-type hypersensitivity, and stress-related disorders, initiating a quarterly research journal called the Protocol Journal of Botanical Medicines, to which you can subscribe.

* Paperback: 217 pages
* Publisher: Herbal Research Publications; 4th edition (January 1, 1995)


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