SyncroZap-Automatic A-6


Item Number: EQUI650


Hands free zapping with wrist straps and coiled leads Automatic 5 stage timing: 7 minutes on, 21 minutes off, 7 on, 21 off, 7 on, automatic shut-off. Continuous output mode is selected by pressing and holding on/off button for 4 seconds or more. Press the on/off button when unit is on, to turn it off. Constant 10 volt peak-to-peak no-load output at 30 kHz until battery can no longer operate unit. 2.8 to 8.0 milliamp current monitor: LED alert when current output is outside recommended range. Programmable micro processor chip. Swiss watch type crystal to do timing functions and establish output level. Battery reversal protection. Low battery indicator
Unit includes: A-6 Unit, operating instructions, 9 vlot battery, 2 six foot coiled cords, 2 wristbands

Built to the specifications of Dr. Clark's published Zapper design that was updated in 2003. A great unit for those who want the exact Dr. Clark Zapper circuit as published in all of Dr. Clark's latest books.


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